Universal Exports are market leaders providing tailored stunt action scenarios for the corporate market. Our event and stunt co-ordinators, stunt team and superb look-a-likes add that high-impact ingredient to any corporate occasion.

With themes such as 'Knights of the Round Table', 'The Three Musketeers', 'James Bond' or 'Jedi Knight' light Sabre duels, Universal Exports can offer theme action from presentation pieces to hands on team building days.

We have co-ordinated complete events and stunts world-wide, from after dinner and conference kidnap scenarios to large-scale productions of combined action sequences utilising an armoury of tanks, helicopters, jet fighters, high performance sports cars, motorcycles and powerboats.

Members of the Universal Exports stunt team are proficient at horse riding, skiing, stunt driving, scuba diving, stunt piloting powerboats, abseiling, shooting, archery and stage fighting techniques including unarmed, sword, staff and even light Sabre combat.

With over twenty years experience in the entertainment business Douglas James established Universal Exports, its Look-a-like Agency and Theme Experience Company. In that time Douglas has doubled for 'Pierce Brosnan' in the 'Bond Movies' and has toured the world making personal appearances, launching products, filming commercials and taking audiences' breath away with spectacular stunt work.

In addition to theme stunt work our experience and links with the film industry provide us with the ability to source a wide variety of specialist elements, including set design and construction, video production, light, sound and special effects. 

Bond Events

Bond…James Bond.. Licence to Thrill. We have got the Best of Britain's Bond acting talent. With this in mind, and to see Bond in motion, do not delay in enquiring for your James Bond 007 event party theme entertainment. No James Bond party would be complete without our intimidating Jaws look alike, standing 7'2". Goldfinger's chauffeur Oddjob lookalike and gold painted statues. Blofeld look a like, with stuffed cat. Baron Samedi lookalike, with real snake. A selection of 007 James Bond lookalikes, from Sean Connery look alikes, through Pierce Brosnan look a likes, to today's 007 Daniel Craig lookalikes.The Douglas James/James Bond stunt team can really make a memorable 007 themed event, with the stunt action of abseiling, James Bond Aston Martin car chases or displays. We can incorporate a member of your staff in to the stunt action for a James Bond theme party to remember.The ‘James Bond’ theme lends itself heavily to stunt performances. Universal Exports specialise in creating stunt scenarios for all aspects of the corporate event & entertainment market.

Our team of got to have talent, are Britains' top stunt performers, ‘Bond’ style characters, look alikes and sound alikes can form an integral part in the theming of your event. Our team of terrorists can abseil into your conference, awards dinner or presentation and kidnap a member of your senior management. Once they have secured the venue ‘Dr X’ can make his entrance escorted by ‘Oddjob’ and ‘Jaws’. Our female kick-boxing security team can intervene and ultimately Mr Bond – Douglas James – ‘Pierce Brosnan’s double and stuntman can save the day.

We can call on ‘Gadget Man R’ our ‘John Cleese’ look-a-like who was introduced as ‘Q’s’ replacement in ‘The World Is Not Enough’. His quartermaster’s store can supply us with jet-fighters, helicopters, tanks, power-boats, jet skis and pyrotechnics. ‘R’ can equip ‘James Bond’ with his Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit, BMW Z3 and the BMWR1200 motorcycle. An armoury of gadgetry guaranteed to create a memorable, high-impact outdoor event.

As a result of our experience within the ‘Bond’ genre we have a wide selection of proven stunt scenarios that are flexible and can be tailored to the specific requirements of your event.


The Universal Exports stunt team have received international acclaim for their sword fighting skills. The Three Musketeers scenarios are a visual masterpiece of speed, skill and split second timing.

Authentic in every detail we can stage a set piece at any occasion. For Indoor events we can recreate a period French Tavern and introduce a story line which follows the daring exploits of The Musketeers as they take on Captain Rochefort and his Cardinal’s Guard. All scenarios are fast moving, colourful performances of professional stunt action with a balance of humour when required.

For outdoor events the possibilities are almost boundless. Arena displays, audience interaction or a complete participation event with the introduction of allied activities suited to the period.

Knights Of Old

The Knights of Old form the major framework for our medieval events. Our stunt team are interlaced with the complete event. Performing set-piece stunts during a medieval banquet, arena style duels including Knights on Horseback, jousting and a varied assortment of fighting displays of the period.

Universal Exports can create a colourful, visually stunning and breath-taking scenario for any occasion from, presentation stunts, television & film work to complete participation events and team building days.

Team Building